THREE, TWO, ONE… theater at Carlton Hotel

23 June, 2016

THREE, TWO, ONE is a format, a countdown, an end… something that will surprise the spectator, everything under an only one leitmotiv, that would happen if the alive ones could meet the dead men? A murderess, a photographer, an inspector of policeman, a man on the verge of committing suicide… THREE, TWO, ONE will give us the response.

A trip, a cruise by ship that was taking you for different ways to different meetings with different ends, will make you think: whom would you choose your to meet again? What would you say to him? That you would do if it was not depending on you and were you you the chosen / choose one?

An unforgettable trip, the cruise that you have never done without moving of your city, laughs, drama, fear … … you want that they tell it to you or you want to count it?

This is a presentation from TOKOTUBOKA theateer company that will take place at Azul Room in the Carlton Hotel from August 22 to August 26 at 7.30PM, during the Aste Nagusia 2016.