Aránzazu Hoteles in the presentation of Bilbao – Biscay

25 September, 2016

Bilbao Biscay presented his tourist offer in the CASINA VALADIER in Villa Borgose in Rome on Wednesday, the 21st of October to them 18:00h.

The presentation of  Bilbao – Biscay organized by the Statutory Deputation of Biscay with important tourist Basque companies. Aranzazu Hoteles was represented by the hotels of Bilbao; Hotel Carlton and Hotel Abusing. About 80 people, between them ADRIANO MELONI – Adviser of Tourism and economic Development of the Region of LAZIO and MARCELLO OF VITO – president of the Assembly Of the capital LAZIO’s.

After the presentation with his innumerable attractions, the assistants enjoyed a coctel prepared by the chef Fernando Canales, the Restaurant Etxanobe of Bilbao.