FANT 2017

26 April, 2017

One more year comes the Bilbao Fantasy Film Festival – FANT, which is celebrated from May 5 to May 12 and in which Aránzazu Hoteles returns to be an official sponsor of the event.

The edition of this year will include the major number of full-lenght films of his history with a total of 16 reproductions, between which stand out an absolute premiere, two state premieres and an European premier.

The Prize Fantrobia of this year will submit to the American producer, Sean Brosnan.

The inauguration, which celebrates in the Theatre Fields on Friday, the 5th of May, will have as protagonist the premiere of Skins, full-lenght film directed by Eduardo Casanova. To the premiere they will come the Director, as well as part of the actors’ index that they lead the movie.

The closing, it will be the 12th in the Room BBK with Pet’s projection.

Celler de Can Roca dinner at Carlton Hotel

26 April, 2017

The Celler Can Roca was in Bilbao last Monday 24th for a series of events and conference in the city inside the BBVA Tour.

The day finished with the celebration of a dinner at Carlton Hotel for clients and executives of the bank.

In the same act, there were also granted 3 BBVA Scholarships of Gastronomy to students of the Artxanda Hotel and Catering Business School.

Game of Thrones at Carlton Hotel

25 April, 2017

The Tourism Department of the Basque Government has elaborated a special paragraph with the locations of the filmings and the stays of the stars of Game of Thrones last October in Bilbao.

Among them emphasizes the Hotel Carlton, who was the hotel chosen to stay by the actors of the most famous saga of last years.

VII Contest of Art Hotel Carlton 2017

10 April, 2017

The Hotel Carlton of Bilbao together with the faculty of Fine arts of the University of the Basque Country / Euskal Herriko Unibertsitatea, organizes ” the VIIth Contest of Art Hotel Carlton 2017 ” in the Bilbao´s Feast.

The works will be exposed during Take hold Nagusia of Bilbao 2017, from 19/08/2017 up to 03/09/2017, both inclusive, in the lobby of the Hotel Carlton of Bilbao.

All the exposed works are unpublished and original, with a technology, size, format and topic to the free choice of the artist.

The failure of the Juror, possessing the representatives’ presence of the UPV, of the Hotel Carlton and of the cultural area, will announce september 14th of at 13:30 h.

Farolillos de Papel prizes

09 April, 2017

Next April 20th the Hotel Carlton of Bilbao will organize the Gela del Libro, by the of the Booksellers’ Association of Biscay in La Cristalera Lounge.

In the event the traditional Farolillos de Papel will be delivered in 5 different areas. The delivery of the Farolillos de Papel, it rewards writers and journalists who have stood out for his literary labor throughout the year.

Ingenieros – Deusto Ditch (7th April- Bilbao)

03 April, 2017

Next 7th April will take place the 37th Edition of the Ingenieros – Deusto Ditch.

Aránzazu Hotels, as sponsor company of the ditch, will have a space on the river from which we will be able to see the arrival of the winner of both universities.

The tour of the ditch will begin in Erandio (6:30 pm.) and it will finish in the Townhall of Bilbao, covering a distance of four nautical miles (7.408 meters) and a duration brought near between 20 minutes.

Presentation of the Tilt XVIII Dani – Gueñes

03 April, 2017

Tomorrow 11th of April will be celebrated the XVIII edition of the International Tilt of Infantile Football Gueñes Trofeo’s Municipality Daniel Ruiz Bazan “DANI” at Carlton Hotel at 20:00pm.

Inside the acts, there will be announced the Players who have obtained the Award this year that since they know it is granted to those that having informed since infantile in the Tilt they have managed to come to the first division belonging of right plenary session to the first insole of the equipment independently of what has done it in another equipment different from that I inform in his day, prize named AMETS BAT.

THE CHALLENGE, Ditch Ingenieros-Deusto

24 March, 2017

Last thursday took place The Challenge of the Ingenieros – Deusto ditch at La Cristalera room of Carlton Hotel, which was completely full.

In addition, there were academic authorities of both university centers and the representatives of collaborator entities supporting the Ditch.

Aránzazu Hoteles is the official sponsor of the Ditch.

Marine Energy Week 2017

22 March, 2017

Next week 500 professionals of the sector will take part in 3 ª edition of Congress Marinade Energy Week in search of new ways of transforming into energy the power of the wind and the tides. It will take place in Bilbao from March 27 to March 31 and during these days it will be the planetary center of the renewable marine energies.

XX anniversary of the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao

22 March, 2017

19th October, The Guggenheim Museum Bilbao celebrates 20 years of contemporary art and changes that have consolidated it as an international icon of the city. Since 1997, the turn of the century, the face of the city and the cultural life of Bilbao. In addition, it is home to artists and designers who change art, fashion and the future by setting trends. The anniversary brings with it the launch of the initiative “TopArte”, which opens the museum to other cultural disciplines such as cinema, music, dance, theater or gastronomy. Main activities of the 20th anniversary: ​​TopArte: until October 2017.

Exhibition: The collection of Hermann and Margrit Rupf. Until April 23, 2017.

Exhibition: Abstract Expressionism. Until June 4, 2017.

Exhibition: Paris, end of century: Signac, Redon, Toulouse – Lautrec and his contemporaries. Until the 17 of November.