THE CHALLENGE, Ditch Ingenieros-Deusto

24 March, 2017

Last thursday took place The Challenge of the Ingenieros – Deusto ditch at La Cristalera room of Carlton Hotel, which was completely full.

In addition, there were academic authorities of both university centers and the representatives of collaborator entities supporting the Ditch.

Aránzazu Hoteles is the official sponsor of the Ditch.

Marine Energy Week 2017

22 March, 2017

Next week 500 professionals of the sector will take part in 3 ª edition of Congress Marinade Energy Week in search of new ways of transforming into energy the power of the wind and the tides. It will take place in Bilbao from March 27 to March 31 and during these days it will be the planetary center of the renewable marine energies.

XX anniversary of the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao

22 March, 2017

19th October, The Guggenheim Museum Bilbao celebrates 20 years of contemporary art and changes that have consolidated it as an international icon of the city. Since 1997, the turn of the century, the face of the city and the cultural life of Bilbao. In addition, it is home to artists and designers who change art, fashion and the future by setting trends. The anniversary brings with it the launch of the initiative “TopArte”, which opens the museum to other cultural disciplines such as cinema, music, dance, theater or gastronomy. Main activities of the 20th anniversary: ​​TopArte: until October 2017.

Exhibition: The collection of Hermann and Margrit Rupf. Until April 23, 2017.

Exhibition: Abstract Expressionism. Until June 4, 2017.

Exhibition: Paris, end of century: Signac, Redon, Toulouse – Lautrec and his contemporaries. Until the 17 of November.

Guns N ‘ Roses in Bilbao.

21 March, 2017

The most emblematic group of rock of ends of the 20th century will act in San Mamés’s stadium next May 30.

The concert places in the world tour ” Not in this lifetime … “, with that the group celebrates the reunion between Axl Rose and Slash, 20 years after his separation.

‘BOTADURA’ of 37th edition of the Engineers-Deusto Ditch in the Hotel Abando

17 February, 2017

On Thursday, the 16th of February, 2017 the Hotel Abando he has been a witness of the BOTADURA of 37 edition of the Ditch Engineers Deusto.

The original ¨Botadura”‘ realized by Yolanda, in Aránzazu Hoteles’s representation, that it gave the beginning of the countdown of the Clock of the Ditch.

Aránzazu Hoteles sponsor of the event.

Winner of the 3rd Edition of the Carlton Love Letters Contest

03 February, 2017

We have already winner of the 3rd edition of the Carlton Love letters Contest.

The lucky winner will enjoy a dinner for 2 the night of 11 February to celebrate this romantic date.

On the occasion of the celebration next February 14 of the St Valentine’s Day the Hotel Carlton has organized for the third year in a row this contest in which the lucky winner will enjoy a dinner for 2 the night February 11 celebrating this way this romantic date.

We received more than 30 of manuscript letters. We took into account the presentation, calligraphy, spelling and content.

The jury decided that the winner is JDZ. As his letter says: The love is a long-distance train …..


3rd Edition of the Carlton Love Letters Contest

20 January, 2017

The Hotel Carlton claims the romanticism of the paper and of the manuscript letters and Carlton summons, after the success of the second edition, the 3rd Edition of the Love Letters Contest, on the occasion of the celebration next February 14 of the St Valentine’s Day.

The participants of this contest will have to send their manuscript letters before February 2 to the following address: Hotel Carlton, Federico Moyua Plaza, 2. 48009 Bilbao. In on the following reference will have to appear: #sanvalentin2017enelcarlton. The winner will be announced on Friday, the 3rd of February at 1.00PM.

The best manuscript love letter – in a sheet of paper by an alone face – will be rewarded with a dinner for two that it will take place the night of February 11th, in the frame of the special celebration that the hotel has designed to commemorate this romantic date. Both the menu of the Special Dinner and the setting and decoration of this hotel of five stars, which was a headquarters of the Basque Government, will be inspired in the St Valentine’s Day.

The Hotel Carlton will offer, in addition, special promotions for the couples interested in staying at one of our rooms after the dinner.

Good luck to all the participants and Happy St Valentine´s Day!

Aranzazu Hoteles present at Fitur 2017

13 January, 2017

The 37th Edition of the international tourism fair, FITUR 2017, which takes place from 18 to 22 January 2017, will once again host the world tourism industry, with the most complete exhibition of proposals and destinations of enterprises, organizations and institutions around the world.

FITUR is a global meeting point for tourism professionals and the leading trade fair for inbound and outbound Ibero American markets.

XIX Christmas Concert

12 December, 2016

Aránzazu Hotels is an official collaborator of the Christmas concert of the Tenor Jose Ant. Urdiain in the Bilbao Philharmonic Society. 16th December 20:00pm.

The Christmas Concert of the Tenor Jose Ant. Urdiain with the invited artists; Marta Ubieta (soprano), Jose Manuel Díaz (Baritone), Jon Thate (Flute) and Itziar Barredo Cavero (Piano).

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El Chic Pop Up at Carlton Hotel

01 December, 2016

Chic Pop Up Diciembre 2016